Beauty & Self Care Consulation

Boost your confidence and self esteem

Note from Mary

I have worked with hundreds of women over the years, for the most part I feel like women have a vision or image of how they would like to look or the image they would like to portray. Yet some ladies are unsure, stuck and need a second opinion

I love to have someone else do my hair and makeup because they often come up with a look that I never would have thought of, or could pull off, it's fun and exciting!

One of the services I love to do are beauty transformations. In a matter of hours I can see the results that a few changes can make. Your whole attitude and self confidence can change with the right hair and makeup!

Beauty & Self Care tips and thoughts

*Your personal style through clothing, hair, makeup and accessories not only boost your self confidence and raise your self esteem, it can help propel you in the workplace.

*How you present yourself significantly influences how others perceive you and how they respond to you. Be confident and self assured.

*Choose your personal presentation with care. Presentation includes not only your clothes,  but your accessories, hairstyle, makeup, fragrance, posture, body language, tone of voice, and the energy level in which you move and speak.

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Your consultation may include:

*Haircut and style recommendations, what your hair needs and style recommendations based on your personal preferences, facial shape and lifestyle

*Hair color recommendations, if you choose to color or not to color, highlights, lowlights, ombre, balayage, letting your natural color grow out

*Makeup lesson with face chart, including looks for day time, evening and special events

*Brow Shaping Ideas (brows are really trending right now!) what shape compliments your facial shape, how to fill in, should I have my brows micro bladed and what is that?

*How to schedule your salon appointments, how to budget, how to choose a stylist and a list of salons in your area

*You will learn how to use the products that you have, and what new products you need to add to your routine.

*Online shopping links
*Image Inspiration boards for each step

*Home Facials
*Home Body Treatments
*Polish colors and recommendations
*Dental Hygiene tips and tricks 
*Morning self-care routines
*Evening self-care routines
*Email support
-Once we have completed the session, you will receive several image inspiration boards, a summary of our session and a special gift! 
Virtual & email support in addition to a 45 minute Zoom follow up call (within two weeks)

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